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The Circle Project on Soi 12 by Comcon Services

Here at Comcon, we have fast established a reputation as being one of the industry’s leading firms when it comes to project management and quantity surveying in Asia. From the start of the company in 1982 in the Netherland, Comcon has proceeded to establish strong and effective working relations with a number of market leaders around the globe. Projects in Asia took off since 1989 and one of Comcon’s clients is the Fragrant Group.

Fragrant Group is based in the Thai capital of Bangkok and have undertaken numerous projects in the city as well as in Chonburi province. The company has been heavily investing in real estate and property since the turn of the Millennium and have since gone on to become the preferred developer in Thailand. This is thanks largely to the quality of their projects and their forward thinking and innovative ideas.

Such was the success of the Fragrant Group, they currently have six projects that are ongoing at present, that they required a trusted and reliable company with whom they could forge a working partnership. Naturally, with Fragrant Group’s size and influence, the competition was fierce when it came to forming the alliance. Firms from Thailand and overseas were quick to offer their services but due to Comcon’s experience and reputation within the region, we quickly became the obvious choice.

Comcon is currently working in conjunction with the Fragrant Group on the Circle project on Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. This will be a high-rise project that oozes class and quality, much in keeping with all the company’s other projects. One bedroom units through to 3 bedroom units will be available as well as a small number of retail units with prices ranging from less than THB6.5 million to well in excess of THB15 million.

The scope of work that has been designated to Comcon on this project is primarily Quality Control and the overseeing and inspection of all mechanical, electrical and plant systems from their initial installation until the property is handed over. As part of the QC, Comcon will use our expertise to ensure that all architectural work, tiling painting and, of course, the all-important finish is completed to the high standard that Fragrant Group’s clients demand and expect. In addition, we will work closely with clients to ensure that the handover process is completed smoothly and in a timely fashion.

Project management and quantity surveying is certainly Comcon’s area of expertise and we are naturally delighted that this has been recognised by the Fragrant Group. The partnership just goes to illustrate how far the company has come since its humble beginnings in the Netherlands. Comcon now comfortably, effectively and professionally work in association and alongside large, reputable international developers and are fast becoming a driving force within a competitive sector.

Naturally, the expectations are high but it is these expectations in combination with our skill and expertise that drive the company forward and will do for many years to come. The company is gaining the credit and recognition that it deserves as an industry leader in Asia.


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