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Project Management

One of the reasons clients prefer Comcon Services is that their Project Management department works hand in hand with the Financial and Commercial side of the business. Project Management is the technical side of the company which involves planning, organising and managing recourses to bring about the successful completion of a specific construction project.

The fundamental aim of PM, regardless of the size of the project, is to achieve all of the project’s goals and objectives whilst adhering to classic project constraints that typically include the scope of work, quality, time and budget. A professional PM will be able to manage and balance all of these aspects and oversee the smooth management of the project.

In our experience, we have seen too many project managers leave cost or budgeting off their list of priorities, thus enabling a project to complete on time, yet at a huge budget deficit. Not commonly acceptable to customers.  This is where the Comcon approach to this role differs to many of our competitors. Comcon puts equal emphasis on all aspects of a project, including but not limited to cost, time and quality.

Comcon provide a number of project management services both at the pre and post contract phase. Our services include:


Quantity Surveying (QS)

A QS is a professional person working within the construction industry. The role of the QS is to initially set a budget and then to manage and control costs within the project, he may involve the use of a range of management procedures and technical tools to achieve this goal.

The profession developed during the 19th century from the early “Measurer”, a specialist tradesman (often a Guild member), who prepared standardised schedules for a building project in which all the construction materials, labour activities and the like were quantified and against which competing builders could submit price tenders. Because the tenders were each based on the same schedule of information, they would be easily compared to find the most suitable candidate.

Comcon’s staff is breaking away from just performing the traditional QS functions. Comcon offers Commercial Management of projects from the inception to the feedback stages of a project. Each assignment is undertaken on an individual basis, utilising the varying experiences and skills of our personnel, supported by a comprehensive database of historical and current information.

Comcon provides QS Services at all stages of projects and the roles we perform are:


Commercial Management

Insurance Evaluation

Construction Efficiency Study

A construction efficiency study is the study of the productivity or lack of, on a certain project. This is usually achieved by assessing the project management along with the use of the correct techniques and technologies. This is particularly important on larger infrastructure projects when small oversights can lead to losses running into hundreds of thousands of Dollars. Minor changes can make big savings and the importance of this role should not be overlooked.

This is a function Comcon are asked to perform quite frequently as Comcon is one of only a handful of consultancies in the Far East equipped with the financial and technical know-how to undertake such tasks. One of our recent clients was a large oil company and repeat business confirms the need for this service.

Claims & Disputes

Unfortunately, contractual disputes are frequent occurrences and these disputes naturally need to be resolved.  This can involve mediation and the offering of an objective, unbiased, reasonable and fair assessment of the situation. Comcon’s highly qualified teams are experts in producing claims for all parties. Previous experience includes preparation of arbitration pleadings and production of contractual claims for international construction projects.

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