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Laguna Property – Banyan Tree, Phuket

Project Details

Ref No. P-1117

Project Value: N/A

Construction Status: Completed

Timeframe: 18 months

Start Date: 31 January 2018

End Date: 15 June 2019

Project Description

Comcon is delighted to be assisting Laguna Property on their Banyan Tree Residences project in Phuket. These magnificent pool villas are crafted to reach out to discerning clients and our role will be a QS capacity, something that we are renowned for in our industry.

The project is a combination of one bedroom, three bedrooms and Grand Residences that will sit on the banks of the lagoon. This is naturally a private, gated village where residents will experience the height of luxury with all homes built to the highest specifications, using only the best quality materials. Every attention to detail has been made when it comes to all the internal aspects of the property.

Phuket is one of the most prestigious locations in Thailand, found in the Andaman Sea in the south of the country. Here you will find world-class golfing experiences, diving and luxury hotels. This is a location that meets and surpasses people’s expectations and indeed the Banyan Tree Residences fit perfectly into this mantra. No expense has been spared and the new residents will see their properties increase in value and remain a talking point for years to come.

Shuttle buses and boats will be available for residents at all times meaning that all areas can be reached with a matter of just a few short minutes. The overall experience for the residents is of paramount importance and nothing has been overlooked to make sure that this is the case with this project.

The team from Comcon will be on hand to play a very active role throughout the duration of the project taking a lead role and assisting other groups. We will ensure that the footings and the properties themselves are sound as well as again ensuring that everything is structurally as it should be. These are all the things that are expected of a high-quality project and having a reliable, knowledgeable and thorough team is what is not only expected but demanded

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