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Nova Group and Intercontinental Hotel Group join forces to bring HIE Brand to Pattaya

Is has been mentioned in the past within the hotel industry that Holiday Inn Express is one, if not the most profitable hotel brand globally. Recently Nova Group of Pattaya, Chonburi, have joined ranks with IHG to bring not one but two of these successful master plan hotels to the Pattaya region. This is destined to be one of Nova’s flagship hotels, with its prime location of in the midst of Soi Bua Khao, the most upcoming area of Pattaya. The HIE brand fits in well to this location, compact but comfortable rooms, self-service and minimalistic facilities create the key rate entry into the market, with modern designs.

HIE brand can cater very well for the mid-range clientele. Its accommodating to the tourist market as well as mid-level businessmen. The facilities provide meeting rooms, laundry facilities, roof deck pool, fully-equipped gymnasium and a large dining area.

What makes the brand so successful is the initial set up. The property can operate on a minimal staff. All food production, laundry, and everyday facilities the property offers are out sourced. The designs are kept to an ‘if required’ basis rather than offering a large majority of mod cons, which in turn keep the property maintenance low also. This 241 key hotel which Nova Group have been over to over spec slightly with the roof deck pool, Jacuzzi’s and large gymnasium is destined like the majority of Express brands to be a success.

This property by Nova Group is 12 months into construction, with the expected opening

around the end of 2018 to the first quarter 2019. Comcon Group have been assigned as project management for this property, being involved in the initial design stages through to current procurement, construction scheduling and ongoing process.

Like all international chains, brand standards are key to a new build project such as this. Comcon Group have worked closely with the IHG team throughout the design and construction of this project to ensure it meet the required standards for IHG as well as keeping within the budgets of the client.

Nova Group also have a property adjacent to the infamous Walking Street where they have planned another HIE property. This unit has a slightly smaller capacity of 179 keys. All facilities remain the same. The location is also prime real estate and offer the clientele walking distances to beaches and the famous area with 5 minutes.  This property will be looking to commence maybe 2019.

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