25 Stores for Swensen Ice Cream Chain

25 Stores for Swensen Ice Cream Chain

2012-09-27T12:14:42+07:00 Wednesday 26 September 2012|Categories: News|

Comcon have signed an agreement with Swensen’s to build/renovate 25 new outlets in 2013 with two additional being built this year.

Other new projects include…

  • Best Western Chanwattana
  • Factory for CEA in Lamchabang
  • The Railwaymen Film
  • Nana Plaza Redevelopment
  • Gypsum Factory for Leighton

Comcon also continue with existing projects…

  • New Chevron Base
  • Lanna in Samui
  • The Radisson in Maldives
  • 120mw Cogeneration Power Station for Shinryo
  • Factory for Visy
  • Factory for Neumon + Esser