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Comcon, as a company has undergone major expansion since first being established in the Netherlands back in 1982. The company provided commercial and contractual advice to all aspects of the construction industry across the country.

The company grew gradually during the 1980s and focused upon encompassing all areas of the construction industry.

The first major milestone as far as expansion into Asia was concerned came in 1989, when Comcon undertook it’s first project in Singapore. Comcon offers services not just in Thailand but across the whole of Asia.

We use modern tools and techniques, combined with excellent training

In 1997, Comcon Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Bangkok. The primary reason was to consolidate the services that the company offered during the major economic recession that hit the Far East as a region. This prompt and proactive action gave the Bangkok office the impetus to move forward at a time when others were facing bleak futures.

Headed by two resident directors who are highly knowledgeable in Thai and international construction practices and techniques, the regional headquarters has developed in all corners of the industry.

Comcon’s operations span across many sectors of the construction industry. We cover leisure projects in the form of hotels, resorts and other areas of the associated industry, residential projects as well as major infrastructure projects such as airports, highways (both elevated and underground), bridges along with offshore platforms and pipelines. The company really has gained a huge foothold throughout the construction industry and it is these foundations that stand us in good stead today.

The rapid growth of the company made it necessary to open additional offices in Phuket and Pattaya in 2005 and 2008 respectively, with views to soon open another office in Chiang Mai.

Innovation is a key cornerstone to many of today’s designs

Comcon provides Quantity Surveying (QS) and Project Management (PM) services throughout the building, civil, hotel and petrochemical along with the oil and gas industries. The Clients, with whom Comcon have developed a reputation for excellence, include various developers, contractors, consultants and insurance companies.

Over the last 25 years, the Company has developed a wealth of expertise in Project Management and Quantity Surveying. Comcon offers a wide range of professional services at all stages of the construction process.

Comcon assists in the project management and quantity surveying requirements of construction projects providing a fully comprehensive professional service to our clients. Comcon uses modern tools and techniques, combined with excellent training, to ensure a pro-active and commercial philosophy that is adopted to each and every assignment.

A ‘Can Do’ work ethic with clients and partners realises ground breaking pioneering ideas

The company really has gained a huge foothold throughout the construction industry and it is these foundations that stand us in good stead today

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